Men’s Kit


You have skin too.  Gone are the days when men only use skincare through their adolescent years.  Let’s put things in perspective.  Men have large pores, thicker skin, and often more dirty work conditions. We have you covered. This kit will address all these conditions, as well as help your skin through the aging process.

AM: Wash with the Clarifying Cleanser. Protect skin with Mineral Clear.

PM: Wash with the Clarifying Cleanser. Apply the Advanced Smoothing Cream. Once a week, instead of using the Advanced Smoothing Cream, use an Advanced Smoothing Pad.

***After 1-2 months, if your skin is tolerating this well, you may use the Advanced Smoothing Pads twice weekly.

This kit contains the following items:
1 × Clarifying Cleanser, 150 mL - One Time Purchase
advanced smoothing cream
1 × Advanced Smoothing Cream, 30 g - One Time Purchase
1 × Mineral Clear, 50 g - One Time Purchase
advanced smoothing pads
1 × Advanced Smoothing Pads, 60 Pads - One Time Purchase
for a bundled price of $351.00 (10% discount)


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