Texture Kit


Do you have dull skin, acne scars, rough texture and visible pores?  Our texture kit will give you visible results within two weeks of using it.  Medical grade ingredients such as Azeloyl trichloroacetamide, Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Retinol work so well together to minimizes pores, smooth texture and aid in antioxidant activity.

AM:  Wash with Gentle Foaming, apply HA Serum, protect with Mineral CLEAR

PM:  Wash with Gentle Foaming, alternate Smoothing Cream with Retinol 50 each night.

Once a week, instead of Smoothing Cream and Retinol 50, use a Smoothing Pad (insert instructions for use)

This kit contains the following products:
gentle foaming cleanser
1 × Gentle Foaming Cleanser, 150 mL - One Time Purchase
hyaluronic serum
1 × Hyaluronic Serum, 30 mL - One Time Purchase
1 × Mineral Clear, 50 g - One Time Purchase
advanced smoothing cream
1 × Advanced Smoothing Cream, 30 g - One Time Purchase
retinol 50 cream
1 × Retinol 50 Cream, 30 g - One Time Purchase
advanced smoothing pads
1 × Advanced Smoothing Pads, 60 Pads - One Time Purchase
for a bundled price of $522.00 (10% discount)


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