Vitamin CEF Serum


Vitamin C is one of the best studied anti-oxidants shown to maximize the appearance of  our skin. .  Choosing a Vitamin C is not an easy task.  It must be medical grade and in the perfect form so your skin absorbs it and it actually works. This anti-oxidant cocktail of Vitamins C & E, paired with a penetration-enhancing hydroxyacid ester, makes it among the most potent formulas available.

For normal to oily skin types.

Suggested use:  Once daily in the  morning and/or at night.

Subscription Period:

30mL: 90 days

Trial Size: 7 days

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Vitamin CEF Serum, 30 mL - Subscription
$118.75 every 3 months
Vitamin CEF Serum, 30 mL - One Time Purchase



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